Traffic Turn-Signal Changes Scheduled for Poplar Avenue/Exeter Road Intersection

Posted Date: 8/25/2015
To better facilitate traffic near the Whole Foods location in Germantown, traffic signal modifications are planned for the Poplar Avenue/Exeter Road intersection the first week of September. The intersection requires extended green signals to completely clear the intersection. Flashing yellow arrows will be added to more clearly indicate to motorists when left turns are permitted.

A green left-turn arrow will be displayed to notify drivers that they may make a protected left-turn. A solid yellow arrow alerts drivers that the signal is preparing to turn red. A flashing yellow arrow means left turns are permitted but not protected. Drivers turning left on a flashing yellow arrow must yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians before proceeding. In addition to the new signals, new signs reading “Left-turn Yield on Flashing Yellow Arrow” will be installed near the new traffic signals.

For more information, contact City Engineer Tim Gwaltney at or (901) 757-7232.


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